Aluminum Padlocks

Yes, Aluminum and padlocks do go together and Aluminum Padlocks can be secure. You are most likely to see these padlocks in use for what is called lock out padlocks. They would come in multi-colors and lock like a traditional padlock. But what about the Hockey Puck Padlock or PUCK Padlock, these are traditionally made of hardened steel and that will continue. However there are now some Puck padlocks in which the body is made of aluminum.

Aluminum PadlocksAluminum has some advantages over steel, weight is one and of course aluminum will not rust, making it ideal for any location where moisture is a problem. The padlock is usually used with a hasp that encircles the padlock giving it added physical security. Although drilling an aluminum lock may seem easy it could be made difficult by placing a few anti drill pins in strategic locations. Also when drilling aluminum the drill bit will tend to clog when drilling a deep hole.

The body of these padlocks starts out with solid aluminum billet, they then are milled usually by a very high tech CNC machine. From there either a protective clear coating is added or a color coating is added. Some anti-drill pins would be added, depending on the type of padlock. From this point on the remainder of the padlock is assembled as if it were steel.

A Cobra Universal Puck padlock made of aluminum could be combined with either an Abloy or Medeco lock cylinder to provide a Aluminum Padlock with high security lock cylinders. With the Cobra’s patented puck padlock the user can change the lock cylinder depending on where it is being used. If an Abloy lock cylinder was used with the Cobra aluminum body you will have a complete Puck Padlock that will provide extreme environmental protection.

Choosing Cobra PadlocksYou could even have these padlocks made with multiple colors very similar to the lock out type padlocks. With this feature you would be able to segregate your security by color. Also by using a high security lock cylinder you would gain key control. Most high security lock cylinders offer a very high degree of protection from lock picking, so high that most thieves will just walk away rather than try. This would be a way to increase your key security and keep your costs in check.

So yes aluminum and padlocks do go together very well and not just for the traditional lock out type padlocks.

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