Boat Locks & Padlocks

There are many types of boat locks & Padlocks, the type depends on what kind of boat it is and what is being secured.  Most manufacturers use locks that have the same lock code meaning that your key might open another boat or theirs might open yours.  Whatever lock is used; it should be weather resistant and resistant to salt spray.  Let’s look at where these locks are used.

Boat Locks
Door and Cabinet Locks
  • Boats that are towed on a trailer have glove compartments and smaller cabinets that can be secured.
  • The trailer can have a special lock to secure it when being stored.  These locks prevent the trailer and boat from being stolen.
  • As the boats get larger, such as cruisers, more things have to be secured and more locks are used.
  • Front door lock on larger type boats.
  • Interior locks are larger boats.

The most important lock on a larger type boat is the front door lock.  As the boat gets larger we tend to put more of our personal belongings and more electronics on it.  Some of the types of boats are cruisers, houseboats and sail boats.  Many people live of these types of boats so it’s even more important for them to have a secure front door.

The first thing that we should do is make sure the lock is secure; this means you should be reasonably sure the keys are limited.  These locks should be weather resistant; this means that it should stand up well to water intrusion and salt spray.  Also, make sure that the mechanism that latches the door shut operates freely and is well lubricated.  Limit the keys that you might give to another person and know where they are at all times.

Stainless Steel Padlocks
Stainless Steel Padlocks

For smaller boats the most important lock will be the one that securers the boat trailer.  Most trailer latches have a hole that can accept a padlock or a special rod lock that goes through this hole.  This keeps the trailer and boat from being stolen when stored or it prevents the trailer from being stolen when the boat is being used.  The padlock, if used, should be a weather resistant one that has limited keys, these are usually available from authorized service centers.  The rod lock uses a type of cam lock and like the padlock it should be weather resistant with limited keys.

As with most things of value I always recommend a quality lock to secure your possessions and protect your family. Locking Systems International can provide Boat Locks & Padlocks of all security Levels.

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