Garage Door IS Yours Secure ?

The Garage Door is probably the most used door in our house. It is also the most abused and could be the least secure door. Garage doors are constructed out of wood or aluminum. Each has its advantages and problems. Wood is the heaviest and the most secure, but it’s the hardest to maintain. Aluminum in comparison is very light and the easiest to maintain. New construction laws require garage doors to be built to the newest hurricane codes, which generally means they must have additional support structures to prevent the door from blowing out during high winds. If this happens the roof of the home could blow off.

Security Your Garage DoorIf you have an older house it might be a good idea to have a garage door professional take a look at it. They will be able to tell you what would be necessary to bring it up to current codes both in terms of the construction of the door and its security. There is also maintenance that should be done to the garage door and the opener. This includes lubrication of the tracks, rollers and the opener chain or screw. You should make sure that all the screws and bolts on the door and opener are tight.

Most garage doors have automatic garage door openers, there are three major designs, but they all server the same purpose. When a button is pushed a motor will raise or lower the door. There is a button usually near the door going into the house and of course the remote control which is in your vehicle. When a garage door opener is installed the locking latch is removed. The door is held (locked) by the opener. There is usually an emergency latch that when pulled will release the door from the track so that it can be manually opened. Some of the newer models have battery backups.

Commercial Locks

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Keep in mind that the remote control is the key to your garage and maybe your house. When you have your vehicle parked outside it should be locked, preventing someone from using your key (remote control) to get into your garage. Once someone gets into your garage they can use all of your tools to try and unlock the door leading into your house. That’s if it’s locked in the first place. Most people consider this door an interior door, however you should use the same type locks as you would on your front door. This will include Deadbolt Locks

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