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Key Rings come in many different types and varieties.  In this Blog I will discuss two types, Tamper-Proof Key Rings and Lockable Key Rings.  They both provide a way to secure keys on a  ring.  The Tamper-Proof Key Rings are steel rings or cables that once they are crimped closed the only way to open them is to cut the ring.  The Lockable Key Ring secures keys on a solid or flexible ring that is lock with with a High Security Lock.  Both of these methods provide a way to secure keys so that you can keep control of your keys.  Purchase at

Tamper-Proof Key Rings:

Tamper-Proof Key RingsTamper-Proof Key Rings provide a way to permanently “Seal” keys on either a solid ring or flexible ring.  Once sealed the only way to remove the keys is to cut the ring.  Each key ring will have is own unique serial number.  A special crimping tool will provide a smooth seal so that keys will easily rotate around the ring.

  • Solid Rings are constructed of stainless steel 4mm thick
  • Flexible Rings are stranded stainless steel 4mm thick
  • Both styles are available in sizes 1″ to 4″
  • Each rings has a unique serial number
  • Smooth Seal provides a 360 degree rotation for keys
  • Once sealed the rings must be cut to remove keys.

Locking Key Rings:

Lockable Key RingsLocking Key Rings can secure a large amount of keys while allowing a way to easily remove or rearrange those keys.  The rings are available in either solid or flexible stainless steel and come in different lengths.  The lock is a Medeco High Security Lock .  The lock housing is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium with a polyurethane boot available in different color choices.

  • Solid Rings are stainless steel 5/32″ thick
  • Flexible Rings are aircraft cable 5/32″ thick
  • The Lock is a Medeco Cam Lock “High Security”
  • Rings are available in length from 1.5″ to 12″
  • Polyurethane Boots are available in a choice of colors
  • Tamper evident key rings


Both the Tamper-Proof Key Rings and the Lockable Key Rings are available on

















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