Padlock Packs

In this BLOG I will discuss “Padlock Packs”.   Padlocks are usually sold individually or in groups of 2-4 padlocks.  They are generally keyed alike, meaning one key will open ALL of the padlocks in the group.  This is how the big box stores sell padlocks. The major problem is the lock codes will often repeat themselves.  This means many people may have the same key as you do and therefor access to your padlocks.  This is the reason that we came up with “Padlock Packs”.  We sell padlock packs of 5,8,12 and 15 padlocks.  Padlock Packs are usually keyed alike. The LsiDepot difference is that we custom assemble each order, so your neighbor will not have your padlock keys.  Below I will discuss some of our Padlock Packs and their benefits:

Cobra 8200 Padlock Packs:

Cobra 8200 Padlock PacksThe Cobra 8200 Padlocks are constructed of hardened steel with hardened steel shackles that are user changeable.  The shackles come in either one inch or two inch clearance.  The 8200 Series comes with the industry standard lock core.  Features of the 8200 Padlock Pack:

  • Available in Padlock Packs of 5-8-12 or 15 padlocks
  • Hardened steel padlock body and shackle
  • Shackles are one or two inch clearance and are user changeable
  • Double ball locking
  • Supplied with 2 keys per padlock
  • Click HERE for additional information

Master Lock NO.5 Padlock Packs:

Master Lock No-5 Padlock PackThe Master lock No. 5 Padlocks are constructed out of laminated steel with a hardened steel shackle. The Master Lock No. 5 has a width of 2″ (51mm). It is supplied with a standard 4-pin lock cylinder that will be keyed alike in the padlock pack ordered.  Features of the Master Lock No.5 :

  • Available in Padlock Packs of 5-8-12 or 15 padlocks
  • Laminated steel body with hardened steel shackle
  • Supplied with two keys per padlock
  • 2″ (51mm) wide padlock body
  • Supplied with 4-Pin Lock Cylinder
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Cobra Universal Puck Padlock Packs:

Cobra Universal PUCK Padlock PacksThe Cobra Universal Puck Padlock is a shackless padlock, it does not have a exposed external shackle.  Each Universal PUCK padlock is constructed of hardened steel. This padlock is protected by a US patent and when matched up with the Cobra 7 lock cylinder it creates a complete patented padlock.  The Lock cylinder is user changeable to any standard vending lock. Features of the Cobra Universal PUCK:

  • Available in Padlock Packs of 5-8-12 or 15 padlocks
  • The lock cylinder is user changeable using standard vending locks
  • Hardened steel padlock body
  • No visible shackle
  • Each padlock comes with 2 keys
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Master Lock N0.25 Padlock Packs:

Master Lock No-25 Padlock PacksThe Master Lock N0.25 comes with a 2″ (51mm) laminated steel body and a hardened boron steel shackle.  This is a commercial grade padlock and comes with a 5-pin re-keyable lock cylinder.  Each side of the shackle is protected by a locking lever.  Features of the Master lock No.25:

  • Available in Padlock Packs of 5-8-12 or 15 padlocks.
  • Hardened steel boron shackle.
  • Commercial grade laminated steel body.
  • Dual locking levers securing each side of the shackle.
  • 5-Pin lock cylinder that is re-keyable.
  • Comes with 2 keys per padlock.
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Padlock Packs were first introduced by, who still is the leader due to it’s custom assembly.



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