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Lever Lock — The Standard in Door Locks

The Lever Lock is now the standard lockset for commercial applications.  Knob locks were replaced with levers, hence the name, Lever locks.  These locks came about due to ADA regulations and laws.  They are now the only door locks used in commercial applications and are finding their way into residential applications.

This is activated by pushing or pulling down on the lever, this will release the latch and open the door.  They will accept many different types of lock cylinders such as; high security and SFIC lock cylinders.  The Lever lock has been upgraded many times over the years.  They are available in electronic, push button and biometric packages providing unlimited access control.

Lever Lock

The lever itself created many challenges for manufacturers such as the outside lever breaking due to excessive force.  When the door is locked the outside lever will not move, people were pushing down on the locked lever causing the lever or inside locking mechanism to break.  This problem was solved by redesigning the lock mechanism so that when locked, the outside lever will move down freely; however, the lock latch will not activate to open.  Most commercial lever locks are designed to ANSI Grade 1 standards, which is the highest.

Features of the Lever Lock:

  • Standard door lock for commercial applications
  • Available in mechanical, electronic, push button and biometric versions
  • Available in many different types of finishes
  • Meet ANSI Grade 1 and 2 specifications
  • Protection of the lever handle with OverDrive™ technology
  • ADA compliant

Lever Lock Functions Available:

  • Entry Lock Function
  • Privacy Function
  • Passage Function
  • Storeroom Function
  • Classroom and Intruder Classroom Function

In residential applications, lever locks are mostly used for interior doors such as bedrooms, bathrooms and closets.  Unlike commercial lever locks, the locks used in residential applications are designed with an eye toward design.  They are also available in more finishes than with commercial lever lock applications.

The next big thing for lever locks and locks in general could be RFID (radio-frequency identification) and Bluetooth technology.  These would operate very similar to the same technologies available in vehicles.  The key fob would be on your person, when you approached the door it would either unlock directly or it would wait would a secondary code to get inputted on a keypad on the lock or near it.  This is known as two step verification which is being used today for passwords on some financial web sites.

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RV Security .. Your Mobile House

It seems that when we hook up our RV and head out for a week of camping we forget all of the things that keep us safe at our Sticks and Bricks homes and everyday lives. You have to remember that your RV is actually your mobile house. When you arrive at the campground and set it up you are in your house. Most of this “Security” is just common sense stuff that we practice every day.

  • Make sure that all your locks work properly including your storage locks
  • Lock the doors when leaving your RV
  • If you don’t feel comfortable when you arrive at the camp ground find another one
  • If your site doesn’t make you feel secure ask for another one
  • If you have a Motor Coach take your ignition keys when you leave or at least don’t leave them in the ignition
  • If you are towing a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel keep your vehicle locked
  • If you are towing a small vehicle keep it locked

These are just some of the common sense stuff that if you practice your camping experience will be a much safer one.

Always keep a watch over your children, know where they are. Most campgrounds have pools or are near lakes or rivers. Never leave them alone near any body of water. Most of this is just stuff that we do every day; however, when we go camping we sometimes forget that all the rules that apply in our everyday lives should also apply when we are camping.

RV storage is also something that we should consider. If you store your RV at your house keep it locked. Instead of keeping a window open for air circulation keep a roof vent open. If you store your RV at a storage facility find one that is fenced and has some type of security gate. Security cameras would be a great plus. Again keep your doors and storage compartments locked and a roof vent open. Consider an alarm system with an internal video monitoring system. Many RV’s have sky lights, these are mode of plastic that can be easily cut open. You should go by and check your RV as often as possible.

Also consider changing your locks if possible. I am on my fourth RV and all of them use the same key for the storage compartments. This didn’t give me a great sense of security.

Always remember that your RV is your mobile house. If we can help please contact us at Locking Systems International