What is an SB Lock?

The answer is that an SB Lock (single bitted) is a cam lock available in five different lengths that is used in many different applications. I am going to expand on that definition giving you a clear picture on how versatile the SB lock really is.

SB Lock

The name SB Lock stands for “single bitted”. This is where the cuts on the key are only on one side of the key. They are very similar to a standard house key, only smaller. They are available in five different sizes from 3/8” to 1-1/2” in length. Many manufacturers make this type of lock using the standard 54G keyway. Some manufacturers call this lock a utility lock. They are typically used to lock cabinets, desks, tool boxes, utility cabinets and even paper towel dispensers found in rest rooms. These locks are considered low security.

SB Lock Features:

  • Inexpensive utility lock on standard 54G keyway
  • Constructed out of zinc die cast
  • Lock face could be zinc or stainless steel cap in chrome or black
  • Available in five lengths
  • Can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed

If these locks are purchased from Locking System International or our On-Line store LsiDepot, they can be keyed in lots of one to thousands. They are used in applications where the idea is to keep honest people out. These locks are easily defeated and should not be used where higher security is necessary.

SB locks internally use wafers instead of locking pins. These wafers are made out of brass and are designed from 0 to 7 which will correspond to the cuts on the key. For example; if wafers 1-3-5-3 are used then the key is also cut at 1-3-5-3. When both match the lock will operate.

SB Lock

SB locks from different manufacturers can be mixed and used together as long as they all are on the 54G keyway, which is the most common. Keys from one manufacturer should operate locks from another manufacturer. As a commodity type lock in many cases price is the deciding factor as to where to purchase these locks. Many are made in China where this type of lock have been made for years. The limiting factor in purchasing from China is the quantity. Tens of thousands of SB locks must be ordered at one time. Most manufacturers that use this type of lock purchase them from Companies like Locking Systems International where they can get them in any quantity and get them custom assembled.

Contact us at Locking Systems International for large quantities, for smaller quantities, you can purchase anytime at LsiDepot.com.

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