These are the Markets we Serve


Locking Systems International (LSI) specializes in providing market-specific security solutions to protect your assets, buildings, and other valuables. Our extensive range of offerings includes High Security Mechanical Locks, Electronic Locks, Asset Vaults, key control, Entry/Exit Auditing, and more. As your requirements evolve, we continually develop innovative security products to meet your changing needs. Additionally, our team is equipped to design and manufacture custom security devices tailored specifically to your unique requirements. Trust LSI to safeguard what matters most to you.


Locking Systems International (LSI) Designs and Manufacturers Locks for OEM’s. We can work with your engineers to design a lock and locking mechanism that fits your needs.

Locks for OEM's


LSI can provide Asset Control Vaults to secure, manage and monitor keys, weapons and equipment, along with OC and CS Dispensers.

Corrections Security

Gas Pumps – Fuel Dispensers

LSI has designed locking devices for gas pumps that help to prevent skimming as well as  High Security Locks to prevent unauthorized access to the gas pump. 

Locks for Fuel Dispensers


LSI can provide locks and Asset Control Vaults to secure your facilities such as Hosiptals, Universities and Government offices.

Locks for Hospitals and other Facilities


LSI can secure all aspects of your power generation operations with mechanical or Electronic Locks and Asset Control Vaults. 

Locks for Utility Facilities


LSI can provide Locks and Padlocks to secure both Private and Government Infrastructure. With everything being “Cloud” based your Data Centers should be secured with High Security Locks and Padlocks.

Locks for Infrastructure