Tamper Proof KeyRings

Secure Your Keys – “Once Sealed Cannot ReOpen”


Tamper Proof KeyRings

Tamper Proof Key RingsĀ from Locking Systems International provides secure key control by providing a permanent “Seal” once the ring is closed. Once sealed the only way to re-open is to cut the ring. All tamper proof key rings have it’s own unique serial number.

Not re-sealable if opened, replaces welded rings

  • No plastic hub to bind keys on the ring
  • Serialized for security and to identify rings
  • Come in 1,1-5/8,2,3,4 inch sizes — flexible rings are also available
  • Crimp is the same size as the ring providing smooth key movement
  • See our “How To Videos”


Tamper Proof KeyRings


Strict tolerances provide you with the ultimate in strength and durability. Our popular Tamper Proof Key RingsĀ® provide an added layer of protection for your most valuable assets. These high-security, stainless steel rings cannot be opened without detection, thus preventing asset substitution.

  • 10 stainless steel 1″ rings
  • 10 stainless steel 1 5/8″ rings
  • 10 stainless steel 2″ rings
  • 1 closing tool
  • 1 crimping tool
  • 1 cutting tool
  • 50 color coded ID tags
  • Also includes a sample of every size ring
Tamper Proof KeyRing Starter Kit
Tamper Proof Key Rings

Unique Serial Number

Tamper Proof Key Rings

Smooth Secure Seal