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Locks (Asset Protection)

High Security Lock

C3 High Security Locks

Cobra C3 High Security Locks have extreme picking resistance, very limited key blank access and over 250 Million key code combinations available.

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Medeco High Security Locks

High Security Locks

Medeco is a world leader in High Security Locks. Locking Systems can supply the complete line of Medeco Locks. We can build locks, cut keys and modify locks to fit your application.

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Cobra Lock

Cobra Locks

Cobra Lock is a Brand Name owned by Locking Systems International. Under this name we have the Cobra 7, Universal PUCK Padlocks, C3 High Security Locks and more.

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Abloy High Security Locks

High Security Locks

Abloy is a world leader in High Security Locks that are designed to provide Maximum Enviromental Protection. Locking Systems can build locks, cut keys and modify locks to fit your applications.

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LsiDepot Buy Locks OnLine

Our Buy Site

LsiDepot.com is owned by Locking Systems International  and is designed to give our Customers the ability and convenience to learn more about our Locks and Purchase Locks anytime 24/7.

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Key Sysyems

Secure Your Assets

LSI provides Tamper Proof Key Rings and Eleectronic Asset Control Systems with real time monitoring to secure all of your high value assets.

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Locks Designed to Your Specifications

Looking for reliable and top-quality locking systems? Look no further! At Locking Systems, we specialize in designing and building locks at any security level. Our High Security Locks are the perfect solution for securing your facilities or medical carts. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your assets are protected with the highest level of security. Trust our custom locks to deliver the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us to learn more about our exceptional locking solutions and how we can cater to your specific needs. Locking Systems | Custom Locks and Asset Protection.

Lock Design

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With our Design capabilities and High Security Locks, we can secure your products and facilities.


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