Custom Locks — Built To Your Specifications

Before I explain the benefits of Custom Locks, let me explain the difference between custom locks and standard “Off the Shelf Locks”.  When you walk into a big box hardware store and purchase a door lock or padlock, those are standard locks.  When you contact a lock “Service Center like Locking Systems International, you get the opportunity to have the locks assembled to your exact specifications, these are custom locks.

Changeable Cabinet Locks-Patented Key ControlWhen you purchase custom locks, you get the ability to determine the security level, decide if you want them keyed alike or keyed different and the number of keys you want cut.  Once all of the options are considered “Our Assemblers” will put your order together using lock parts.  One of the most important advantages is that we will registered the keys to you, meaning that you will have the only keys to open your locks.  When you buy locks from big box stores the keys are very likely to repeated.  This means that someone else will have the same keys that you do.

Benefits of Custom Locks:

  • Choose the exact number of locks needed
  • Do you want them keyed alike (one key opens all locks) or keyed different (each locks requires its own key to open)
  • How many total keys
  • Security level (this is directly related to price), the higher the security level the higher the price
  • Registered key and lock codes
  • Choose the finish of the door lock
  • Master keying options (Master keying is where each lock has its own key with the master keys being able to open all locks). Master keying systems are usually registered.

Custom LocksThe choice that you make is convenience over security.  It is very convenient to be able to walk into a big box store, choose your locks and leave and for some applications this is a very good choice.

The decision that you should make before you purchase a lock is “What are you trying to protect”.  If you need a padlock for a storage shed where you keep your lawn mower, then buying that  at a big box store would be acceptable.  On the other hand, if you are buying a lock to put on the front door to your house then you should consider a custom lock; after all, you are protecting the most important thing you have, your family.

Custom locks give you choice and once you choose they are built to your specifications.

Contact us at Locking Systems or LsiDepot for more information on Custom Locks.


  1. I already have a set of four keys, each different, and I was wondering if you all would make a lock for each one? I would also want a master key in the event that I need to open each of them.

    If that is something you can do, then would you be able to provide a quote? These are simply for personal use (think Scavenger Hunts), so the security level is very low.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Adam,
      We should be able to make locks for your keys, however you did not say what type of lock you need?
      It would be best if you called our office so we would be able to ask questions that would help us recommend the correct lock.
      Call: 800.657.LOCK(5625)

  2. I have an old door lock and would like to have a modern copy with an advanced security mechanism. I can provide the old lock.

  3. 2092413824
    Does anyone know where I can get a double side fingerprint lock with no smart device connection and no WiFi or Bluetooth connection and without use of key keyless entry

    Call me

    • On a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth door lock the lock can be operate (Locked or unlocked) with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you are standing inside or outside. The inside of the lock will still have the hand operated thumb turn lever.
      For additional information please contact us directly at Locking Systems International.

  4. I have 5 trailer puck locks. From what I understand other people with similar locks the key might fit mine.. I am looking for a personalize lock that nobody else has a key to. You buy something off the shelf and other people’s keys might fit that lockEspecially with trailers can you help

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