Environmental Padlocks—What are They?

Environmental Padlocks are highly resistant to the environment such as rain, snow, salt, moisture and freezing.  There are many manufacturers that claim their padlocks are resistant to the environment; they even have test results to back up their claims.  To find out if a padlock is truly resistant to the environment you must look into the inner workings of the lock.

Abloy Environmental PadlocksThings to consider when purchasing environmental padlocks:

  • Is the outside finish of the padlock resistant to water, salt and moisture?
  • Is the lock rust resistant?
  • How does the inside of the padlock function?
  • Is the inside of the lock resistant to extreme environmental conditions?
  • Has independent testing been done on the complete padlock?

Abloy environmental padlocksThe above only relates to the environmental protection of the padlock, other items to consider are:

  • Is this a high security padlock?
  • Can it be keyed alike or keyed different?
  • Can it be master keyed?
  • Is the padlock able to be rekeyed?
  • Is there patent protection of the padlock and the key?
  • Is key control offered?

In my opinion and the opinion of many security experts, the Abloy line of environmental padlocks is one of the only lock manufacturers that can offer all of the above.  They have a very unique internal locking system that uses rotating discs instead of the pins and springs that most other manufacturers use.  These locking pins are held into position by the springs, when the key is inserted it moves the pins in or out of very small holes in the lock.  Severe environmental conditions can cause the springs to corrode and can cause debris to collect in the holes, all of this will cause the padlock to malfunction.  The Abloy padlock avoids this by not using pins and springs, instead when a key is inserted into the lock and turned; it rotates the inner disc to the proper position to open the padlock.  There are no small holes for debris to collect, no springs to corrode.

Abloy PadlocksWhere are environmental padlocks used?

  • Marine applications such as boats, docks, etc.
  • Applications near the ocean (protection from salt, air and spray)
  • Transportation such as trucks, shipping containers, railroad, etc.
  • Military applications
  • Gates and any outside applications

When buying a padlock for an outside location, the information above should help you decide the type of padlock that you need.  When purchasing any lock, the first thing that you should consider is how and where the lock is going to be used. Contact Locking Systems anytime for help is selection the right padlock for your needs.

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