PUCK Padlocks-What Are They?

Puck Padlocks

Hockey Puck Padlock

To understand the PUCK Padlocks you need to understand how it evolved. Padlocks have been securing everything from storage units to tackle boxes for as long as anyone one of us can remember. One thing common to the traditional looking padlocks is the shackle. The shackle comes in many different lengths and widths depending on the padlock body size and what it is locking up. You wouldn’t put a padlock with a 2 inch body and a 3/8 inch shackle on a tackle box, the padlock would weigh more that the tackle box itself. The PUCK padlock was invented because the major attack point of any padlock is the shackle and most shackles can be cut.

The smaller the shackle diameter is the easier it is to cut, for larger shackles a larger pair of bolt cutters are used. The second attack point is where the shackle enters the padlock body. This point is attacked by using a hammer and hitting the body where the shackle enters it. As the padlock size increases so does the hammer used.

Now that you know how the PUCK Padlocks evolved, how does it work and what makes it special?

  • There is no externally visible shackle, therefore nothing to cut or attack
  • The round shape of the lock makes attack more difficult
  • Solid steel is usually the material used for body construction
  • The body and internal shackle is usually hardened for added strength
  • The lock cylinder comes in many different options from mechanical to electronic
  • Special padlock hasps protect the padlock by completely shielding it

Puck PadlocksOver the years the PUCK Padlock has increased in popularity and features. Different versions of electronics are available depending on the manufacturer and the process they use. Some even have no visible keyway or key hole. However with increased electronics comes increased costs and many people are not prepared to pay. There seems to be a cost ceiling.

One manufacturer, Locking Systems International, has responded to this by inventing  PUCK Padlocks that the end user can choose their security level by choosing the lock cylinder. The cylinders are standard off the shelf lock cylinders that the end user can even change themselves. The lock cylinders can be medium security or high security, they can even be cylinders with a built in 8-change cylinder. The unique design of  PUCK padlocks is patented and when combined with a patented lock cylinder, the combination is a physically strong padlock with key control.

These new “PUCK Padlocks are only available at LsiDepot.com.

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